What we do

What we do


It all starts with the data collection, which is the essential base for our solution.

1. Consumer profile:

Determine the profile of the consumer interacting. Kimetric uses facial features and skeletal data to identify different profiles and states of mind

2. Clothing recognition:

Identify what the profiles are wearing, this could be used for promotional purposes as well as differentiating customers from store employees

3. Product detection:

Detect with which products consumers are interacting. Kimetric Product detector enables the solution to detect a specific product, including brand logos, products or SKUs, by using machine learning technology.

4. Conversion funnel:

Analyze where the consumers are moving through. It can measure every single step of the conversion funnel, from the total traffic in form of the display to the number of customers that pick up and leave with a product all in real time.


Kimetric displays all the information collected in an easy to use analytics dashboard. Here all information is consolidated as aggregates in an easy to navigate way. What is most important, the information is updated in real time making it very easy to determine and detect possible insight.


Kimetric rules generator uses all the information collected in the analytics dashboard, enabling you to:
• Detect and act upon relevant and impactful data insights: Focus on a more precise form of advertising and relevant messaging targeting according to each consumer type and therefore increase conversion rates • A/B testing: Test possible situations to ensure to test the effectiveness of each action


Using Kimetric rules generator bringing your insights down to earth is very easy. This will let you act upon consumers in real time delivering interactive experiences design to increase conversion
Adjust the content display in LCD depending the profile in front of it Detect the product the consumer is interacting with and offer targeted discounts Let the consumer interact with different digital displays Adjust lighting or sounds according to the consumer that enters the store

These are only few of thing we can help you with….

Kimetric measures the entire conversion funnel

Manufacturers need to understand the entire conversion funnel in order to increase sales

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