Kimetric solution works as LEGO bricks, you can build them up and customize them for your needs. Both for the system and physical implementation you can decide how much you want to implement

Physical implementation

Kimetric solution has different types of implementation modules that can be added all at once or along time: 1. Smart shelf’s 2. Smart freezer of vending machines 3. Smart end-caps 4. Smart pop displays 5. People counting elements


Start with the basic analytics or move towards a more well-rounded solution including complex analytics combined with custom interactive experiences. The degree of details is up to you to decide…


1. Basic profile and mood detection 2. Conversion funnel tracking 3. Clothing detection 4. Product detection

Interactive experiences

1. Targeted content manager 2. Custom interactive experiences


Choose from our range of sensors to determine how you want to measure. Use the Kinect for more precise analytics including profile and product interaction or decide for a leaner approach with our ultrasound or laser sensors to measure presence and distance of the consumer. We provide with a whole range of sensors that we can build up and customize it for your needs and budget, all using the same platform.

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