Alejandro Muther Sr.

CEO and founder of Ingematica. He is a member of the Grimoldi board of directors, one of Argentina's largest shoe retailer and producer.

Alejandro Muther Jr.

An Industrial Engineer and Master in Finance. Ingematica’s former Research and Development Department leader, as well as a prime consultant for the retail and finance industry.

Rodolfo Bogado

Kimetric’s main software architect. Rodolfo has been working in the project since the beginning and has plenty experience in the area of video analysis development.

Florencia Muther

Economics’ Major. Florencia’s responsible attitude, analytical mind and ability to face new challenges make her a perfect fit for this new start up.

Special thanks to our mentors:
Craig Eisler, Dave Drach, Dave Malcom, Juliano Tubino, Kwindla Hultman Kramer and Paul Groodrich.

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